Exciting News & Pics from Sun 3.10.19

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Sermon Notes

This Sunday we had the honor of hosting Dave Blakeslee at AZ Vineyard Church. He presented a captivating message through his pottery presentation. If you would like to learn more about Dave and

I spend many hours at the potter’s wheel, forming and shaping clay into vessels. As I look out from my studio window at the mountains across the meadow, I am amazed at the grandeur and beauty of this place I call home. I love this valley for many reasons. It is a place where life can be lived simply and meaningfully, where relationships go deep and develop history. I can be still and quiet, listening and perceiving. Silence and solitude are not strangers to me - the life of an artist requires time alone to think and envision and give life to the art. While working with my hands, a deeper formation is taking place within my soul, along with a desire to share these insights with others. I have been a professional studio potter, a bi-vocational pastor, and most recently a traveling speaker. Apart from what I have done and what I am doing, I have come to realize that I am a unique creation, formed in the mind of God and transformed by the hands of a Master Potter
— Dave Blakeslee


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Our new Creativity Wall, “Bridges” is now up for display. Have a look!

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