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Guest Dave Blakeslee Pottery Presentation

Dave Blakeslee Slide

"The Potter" Presentation

Our Sunday service will be a visual parable of God's transformational work demonstrated through the creation of a clay vessel on the potter’s wheel.  Throughout the presentation, God is revealed as the Master Potter and each of us as the clay in His hands.

As the clay is placed on the wheel, Dave explains that it is an inert yet impressionable material. It requires the hands of a potter to uniquely form  the clay into what he envisions. It must yield to the potter, for it cannot make itself. As the clay is centered, pulled upward, and stretched into a large vessel, viewers personally identify with the process of formation. 

Our hope is that each person viewing this presentation will realize that they have been uniquely created by God.  In the same way that the potter makes many different vessels for specific uses, we also are individually designed by God for the purposes He intends.  Like clay in The Potter’s hands, beautiful things can be made out of lives that are surrendered to Him. 

The Potter has been presented at churches, conferences, retreats, schools, and outreach events around the country.  If you are interested in booking a speaking engagement or would like to know more about this ministry,  please send me an email through the Contact page.  

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