What was life like before Jesus got a hold of your heart? :

My life wasn't complete before Jesus got a hold of me again. I had turned my back on everything I knew when my first child was stillborn. I blamed everyone and everything possible when it happened.

How did Jesus get a hold of your heart? : 

I was on a road trip/vacation with my husband (who is a truck driver) and we were listening to an audio book and all of a sudden I realized that I needed to heal spiritually

What is life like now that Jesus has gotten a hold of your heart? : 

I feel more complete now. I didn't realize that a piece of me was missing and then when I got baptized, I felt that missing piece slide into place and warm me through and through.

What message of encouragement could you give to others through your experience?: 

I would tell anyone that no matter what may happen in your life, God and Jesus will always be there to help you through. Whether or not you know or believe they are, they will always love you and try to lead you to the right path. Never blame them for the wrong in your life. It is the decisions we make that determine that. Don't take the bad things that happen as a sign that God doesn't love you.

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