July 2019

A Message from Pastor John

Life Group Ministry

We are excited to announce Heith Reade has transitioned leadership roles and will now oversee all Life Groups in our church. 

Ministry Team

Please welcome Ronda Asay to the AZV Leadership Team as the Ministry Team leader as well as implementing Sozo Ministry which will focus on inner healing and deliverance.

AZV Kids Ministry

We honor and celebrate Stacy Myers and family for their invaluable contributions to AZVK and pray God blesses their move to Virginia. We are also looking forward to the future and the exciting opportunity to take our children’s ministry into a new season. If you currently serve, have interest in serving or know someone that would be interested in learning more about serving our AZV Kids, please join us for the AZVK Team Dinner!


We are working on additional outreach opportunities to serve the surrounding neighborhoods with the love of Jesus. If you would like more information on how to engage with community outreach efforts, please let us know!

Financial Updates 

Thank you for your contributions to the War Chest offering! Though slow, things are definitely progressing with addressing the deferred maintenance of the building as well as remodeling and updates. If you would like the 2nd Quarter financial statement, please let us know and we can get that emailed out to you. We wanted to also make you aware of the significant decline in weekly tithes and offerings and ask that you continue to pray and prioritize giving to contribute to the needs of this house. We are family and when we partner together with Heaven and trust God with our finances, He promises blessing and increase!

Communications Updates

  • Announcement Requests

    We love that there are so many great and exciting announcements to share with the congregation. Please help us plan in advance for your special events/announcements, etc. by submitting all the details on the Communications/Advertisement Request form on the Leaders Corner page. This is how we can plan ahead, create imaging, schedule video announcement content, plan for live announcements, etc.

  • Website Performance

    Our website is performing wonderfully! Just in the month of September 2019, we reached over 9800 people on Google which converted to 121 website visits and 48 people asking for directions. We also had 18 calls from website visits. These aren’t just #’s, they are opportunities to reach souls for Jesus! Let’s celebrate!

  • Ministry Updates + Online Blogs

    Let’s work together to utilize our online presence to minister to visitors. By supplying our website with updated, valuable content, we provide Google with more searchable content which positions us for greater reach.

    Please feel free to send an email to office@azvineyard.com any time you’d like to provide ministry/team updates, pictures, events, announcements, news, etc. and we can discuss how we can collaborate to enhance the online experience for our ministries and teams!

    We can really get creative on our online space. As an example with what this could look like, check out Rod’s blog update for IronMen’s Ministry page.

  • Calendar/Events

    With so many exciting things happening around AZV, we ask that any ministry/team events get submitted as far in advance as possible via our online Calendar/Event Request Form on the Leaders Corner page of our website.

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