• John Farmer

Owning the Mission

Here at AZV we embrace as one of our Permeating Values the biblical mandate to make disciples of all nations. We choose, however, to express this a bit different when we say, “Owning the Mission”.

This means that we take the command of Christ personally. It is a command to the Church, to OUR CHURCH AT AZV! It’s a command from the LORD TO ME!

Church, as a meeting we attend when we want or it's convenient, is really shallow, really not what the scriptures tell us that Church is. Christ has not called us to be saved church attenders. He called us to be His Ambassadors to a lost and dying world.

I think changing our nation, whichever nation you reside in, will ONLY happen when God’s people, the church, take this command of Christ personally. That means we whole-heartedly serve Jesus Christ, knowing that we change and grow in Him progressively. We are devoted to the people He has placed us with in whatever congregation He wants, knowing they are also imperfect, and we will need to work out problems with them.

If we will choose to truly make Christ and His Kingdom our life and step forward to love and serve others, both in the congregation and in the world around us, that is how we change our nation. One soul, one precious person at a time. Loving them, sharing with them, inviting them closer to the One True God that loves them so very much!

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