Each year our Board of Directors works with us to establish a church budget, which we operate under throughout the year. When we have need, we budget for new equipment. That said, there are times when things unexpectedly break down and we don't have the budget or there are ways to improve our service that aren't in the current budget.


That's the function of this sponsor page. It's an opportunity for those who love to give to sponsor projects. You can sponsor 100%, 50% or 25% of a project. All funds will be designated for that project and not used for any other purpose. Check back regularly to see the available projects.

Here are our current projects looking for sponsors:


As you've probably noticed, our projectors are old and everything we project is blurry (no it's not your eyes). We need new projectors. Please consider sponsoring the projector project. Each projector is $1600, so the total sponsorship is $3200. Here are your options:

100% = $3200

50%   = $1600

25%   = $800

Click the give button to the left and then include a note that it is for sponsoring the projectors. All gifts are tax deductible. Thanks in advance for your generosity.